What if the celebrities on the red carpet were asked questions such as “What is yourpurpose?” instead of “Who are you wearing?” PwC wants to find out. A partner in tallying the Oscar ballots and delivering the results on the big night, PwC aims to rethink the role of the red carpet.


Other parties are also highlighting sustainable products amidst the glitz and glam of the Oscars award ceremony happening this Sunday.

One such event happened earlier this week: On Wednesday, more than 500 guests, including celebrities, eco-luminaries, environmental companies and political leaders gathered to celebrate sustainable solutions and hear the latest green messages from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars at Global Green’s 13th annual Pre-Oscar Party.

The Global Green event featured an all-organic menu, was planned to be zero-waste, and saw celebrities arrive in ‘eco-friendly’ vehicles. Aquafil and Milliken partnered to create and debut a custom-designed green carpet that greeted the celebrity guests at the event; Milliken manufactured the PVC-free carpet using Aquafil’s sustainableECONYL nylon yarn. It was made completely from various nylon waste materials such as abandoned fishing nets.

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