My husband’s grandfather, Jacques Cousteau, sailed the seas in the iconic Calypso for decades.  She was a refurbished mine sweeper made famous by her legendary exploits exploring the oceans of the world.  But, like all boats similar to her, she had an insatiable appetite for fuel.  Jacques always saw her dependence on diesel as a major burden due to its high cost and detrimental impacts on the environment. As a result he endeavored to find a better way.  The result? The Alcyone, a ship that combined wind technology and hydrodynamics…


And of course, while you are basking in the sun on the deck of one of these bad boys, you must have the right bathing suit!  Check out Volcom’s new collection (in conjunction with Aquafil) made from old fishing nets and other discarded plastics.   There is estimated to be 640,000 tons of abandoned  fishing nets floats in our oceans which fish, turtles, whales, sharks, birds and more get tangled in daily and perish.  Taking these nets out of the sea and repurposing them into cute swimwear is a win, win in my Eco Luxury book.