by Natalie Hammond

It’s never too early to buy your summer 2021 wardrobe.

Now feels like a strange time for online shopping, but if all you can think about is reemergence later this year, H&M’s new Conscious collection is an excellent starting point.

This spring’s range, which dropped online today and already has a few sell-outs, is pure escapism. Inspired by Le Train Bleu, the sleeper train that transported the rich and beautiful from Calais to Cote D’Azur in the 1920s, it’s got flamboyant tulle evening gowns, louche tailoring and Riviera stripes a plenty.

More importantly, however, it also boasts robust sustainable credentials. As well as utilising leftover fabrics from old collections, including organic silk and recycled polyester, the brand is also showcasing innovative eco-friendly materials. CIRCULOSE, a natural material produced from recycled textiles, RENU, a recycled polyester made in a closed looped system, VEGEA, a vegan material partly made from the by-products of winemaking and ECONYL, regenerated nylon made from discarded fishing nets, are all present and correct.


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