EURONEWS – “There are so many elements to consider in order to be a truly sustainable brand”

By Euronews

RiLEY studio is the new London-based contemporary fashion label with sustainability at its core. Its minimalist, sportswear-inspired collections are designed to be seasonless and appeal to both style and eco-conscious shoppers.“We are style led and we develop a fabric around what we want something to look like,” says CEO Olivia Dowie. It’s a rigorous process and one that can prove limiting at times.


It’s chosen meticulously and is sourced from a few key suppliers. Sportswear is made using ECONYL®, a version of nylon derived from abandoned fishing nets, carpet flooring and pre-consumer waste like plastic and clothing. To the touch, it feels just like non-recycled nylon and it carries the same breathable, stretchy qualities.


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