Danish flooring producer, Ege Carpets, recently won the first Circularity City Product Award for its ReForm Collection, thereby cementing its position as a leader in sustainable carpet manufacturing. At the German construction industry trade fair, NordBAU in Neumünster, where the new awards were launched, Ege’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Dorthe Aaboe Kallestrup, demonstrated how the range is a completely sustainable material choice for new construction as well as renovations.

ReForm Memory Ecotrust consists of a tile face and a backing. The tile face is crafted from Econyl yarn which is both regenerated and regenerable. It is manufactured from industrial waste such as fishing nets that are collected from the oceans and transformed into new nylon products such as carpet yarn. In the last phase of the product lifecycle, the tile face can be collected and transformed into new nylon products. This results in a closed circle in which the nylon can be incorporated into new products over and over again.


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