Did you know that your teabags may contain plastic?
Swapping to loose leaf tea could make for a more eco-friendly tea break!

What you need to know:

Plastic is often used to seal teabags making them non-recyclable or biodegradable.

A plastic sealant is often used to contain the tea leaves within the bag itself, a small but significant design decision that has much wider environmental implications. Teabags can cause worryingly high levels of micro-plastic pollution, as billions of micro-particles and nanoparticles are released in just one cup of tea.

Some brands offer alternatives to the typically used plastic sealant, such as bio-plastic materials instead – although there’s discussion around how effective this switch has proven to be in reducing levels of micro-plastic pollution.

A Simple Swap

Loose leaf tea offers a more environmentally-positive option all round.
Source fair-trade, ethically grown producers to ensure your favourite blend is doing good for both people and planet too!


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