The innovative high-tech tile maesh unlimited by TOUCAN-T is the result of creative design and the latest tufting technology. The goal was the creation of a structured carpet tile which visually connects form and floor space.

Through its fine high-low-optics, seamless transitions can be created.

maesh unlimited is made with ECONYL® 100% regenerated yarn and combines product suitability and variety of design in perfect harmony. For designers and architects, this means limitless design flexibility.

The brand new collection is available in 4 qualities: CLOSE, FUSION, HASH and SHADE.

CLOSE is the style that pays attention to detail. Fine patterns combine into a calm, harmonious surface. Modest, reserved, and classy – the design space close proves that less is often more.

FUSION combines the best of all design spaces by incorporating different shapes into one diverse mixture of structures.

With the HASH design, rhombi and lines meet in diagonal connections while distinct high-low effects emphasize the graphic network structure.

SHADE knows how to present itself in the right light. When organic shapes blend into each other, soft shadows are thrown onto the junctions on top. The result: a subtly structured surface effect which fills the room with life.

Visit the TOUCAN-T website to know more about this fantastic collection and download the maesh brochure to discover its the environmental benefits generated by the use of ECONYL® 100% regenerated yarn.