We are very excited that our ECONYL® regenerated yarn is involved as the ingredient of the Schoeller textile collection used for special designs at Première Vision New York.

The fabric of Schoeller was selected by Maria Cornejo, Première Vision’s brand ambassador and CFDA member, to design a capsule collection that was created exclusively for Première Vision New York. The double-faced material with a color-contrasting back was previously awarded the Fashion Smart Creation Prize in 2017 to honor the most creative and responsible fabric among the collections at Première Vision Paris.

Maria Cornejo’s purpose with this special capsule collection was to demonstrate that sustainability doesn’t have to be boring but can be forward thinking and exciting for consumers.

This is especially true as the fabric by Swiss fabric producer Schoeller is made with ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon that comes from recovered fishing nets and other discarded nylons all while maintaining the same quality as virgin nylon.


Picture source: Première Vision