We’ve arrived at a timeless time.
A time that keeps pushing us.
To take any step towards change.
To switch into minimal mode.
To be far more conscious – and wear a cause.
To rethink. To react. To REORDER. 

(It’s your planet who’s calling)

Isabela Veronezzi is CEO and founder of Reorder. Before founding Reorder she was the financial director of EcoGaropaba, an environment organization founded in 2012 that educates, especially children, about the importance of waste recycling to protect and preserve our oceans.

She has two little kids and thinking about their future and the environment, she decided to start making the difference through a company that approaches business in a totally different way. Not only by creating great products, but actually finding solutions and supporting actions on environment and social problems.

Fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world and takes very little responsibility for it.  Isabela thinks that a modern brand must consider the future. And that means the future of design and also the future of the planet. This goes far beyond clothing. It’s about a new model of capitalism that still works, brings great returns and still helps communities, the environment, creating meaningful work and meaningful jobs. She is passionate for the oceans, living by the beach, in Santa Catarina – Brazil, always on bikinis as long as she can.

Starting a beachwear brand seemed very obvious to her. To make everyone else swim consciously.

Reorder is a brand but it is also a wake-up call.
They want humans to change drastically the way they live and consume in this world.
They are here for the cause. Oceans. Fashion. Environment. Life.

In partnership with EcoGaropaba, Ecosurf (Brazilian official organization supporting Clean Seas campaign), and Renature Foundation, they’re working to get impact. And they want to share their values, knowledge and actions with brands, suppliers and partners that care and want to do better. In every choice. So, when designing their products, they basically have two areas they work in closely.
One is a supply chain of responsible innovation, sustainable collaboration, better materials and transparent communities.
And two, they’re very dedicated in helping change people’s perception of eco fashion.

By designing with high quality standard fabrics and elegant classic fit, they want people to feel sophisticated and natural in their products.  Their swimsuits are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a brand new quality yarn made by recovering nylon waste – like fishing nets from the oceans. ECONYL® regenerated nylon has the same quality as virgin nylon yarn, but with huge advantages for the environment, including the reduction of CO₂ gas emissions.

In order to be effective in defending their cause, they strongly recommend that all bikinis must be washed in cold water and dried flat to avoid the emissions of microplastics into the oceans and to preserve clothing in good quality so that it can last as long as it should.

What move them is that they want to lead by example. To show it’s a virtuous circle between business, people and the planet.