This year’s extraordinary edition will centre around the theme of togetherness and rebirth – Aquafil highlights how discarded materials can be regenerated into ECONYL® yarn for the fashion industry

Matilda De Angelis wears a mid-length cocktail dress Prada Re-Nylon and ankle boots completely made from Aquafil’s ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn.

Milan, 10th October 2020 – During this year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards digital edition, Aquafil highlights the importance of breathing new life into discarded materials with a new and more engaging format. Its motto: Last years’ carpets are today couture is the key message of the brand-new reel video that aroused ECONYL® fans’ curiosity on Instagram.

Watch the 2020 Green Carpet Fashion Awards’ Reel Video by ECONYL® brand.

In the previous three editions of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Aquafil has contributed by creating stunning carpets made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which have been stepped onto by fashion’s elite.

Not only is ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn used to create beautiful red carpets but the revolutionary material can be recycled endlessly, creating countless possibilities for fashion brands to create clothing.

This year, Matilda de Angelis wears a mid-length Prada Re-Nylon cocktail dress made from Aquafil’s ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn. The yarn is derived from a variety of plastic waste, from post-consumer carpets to marine plastic debris including ghost fishing nets, collected by initiatives including Healthy Seas, winner of the 2019 GCFA Circular Economy award.

Earlier today, a special world premiere of the awards was held during Shanghai Fashion Week with exclusive Chinese partner APAX Group. Chinese celebrities Lingzi Liu and Keni Zeng wore Prada Re-Nylon looks made from Aquafil’s ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

This year, Prada’s GCC looks encapsulate the label’s goal of replacing all of its virgin nylon with ECONYL® nylon by the end of 2021, joining the global fight against plastic waste by turning it into new high quality materials.

At last year’s Green Carpet Fashion Awards, ECONYL® was the ingredient chosen by A-Lab Milano for dresses worn by Veronika Mikos, Healthy Seas Project Co-ordinator, as well as down the carpet by Roberta Bonazzi, wife of Aquafil chairman and CEO, Giulio Bonazzi.

The red carpet is one of the most powerful storytelling moments of an event, and in the absence of a physical red carpet this year and with support from Aquafil, it has been completely reinvented for the occasion with the launch of the world’s first Digital Green Carpet featuring an in-depth look at the sustainable style of iconic global stars, influencers and designers.