We interviewed VDM The Label, a team of passionate forward thinkers, who believe in quality, sustainability and ethical trade.  VDM The Label are rethinking the way women are approaching the traditional swimsuit – existing to allow women to experience the beauty of wearing designer swimwear, at a fraction of the price.  VDM The Label’s first collection is a modern interpretation of the decades that have helped shape the swimwear industry into what it is today.

Allanah is the designer at VDM THE LABEL.  She designs all the swimwear in house and oversees all technical processes involved in the end to end production.

What motivated your brand towards sustainable fashion?

The Idea was first thought of when Allanah was undergoing her Fashion and textiles Degree. She underwent a SWOT research project whereby she explored the impact that the Fashion industry was having on the world and started to look more closely into the opportunities that were out there in terms of carbon footprints (PCFs) ecological footprints (EFs), and life cycle assessment (LCA).

Years later, when it came to start VDM The Label, The team already knew that wanted to be part of this global change, so therefore underwent research into all of their options to achieve their set goals.

The team at VDM The label flew to Italy, in order to research and find out more about their options in regards to eco-friendly and sustainable fabric.

Since their launch they are continuing to undergo research and development to prove that these elements can Co-exist and the Fashion industry no longer needs to be the second biggest cause of pollution and landfill in the world.

VDM The Label are already being recognized by big industry players for the uniqueness of their designs and the technical construction. Their Objective is to be industry leaders while creating high quality, high end fashion that is affordable while simultaneously continually improving their carbon footprints (PCFs) ecological footprints (EFs), and life cycle assessment (LCA). They want woman to look and feel their best at the same time – Being “Sustainable with VDM the label”

Is there a difference between the Australian market and the rest of the world when it comes to people’s acceptance of sustainability/sustainably produced fashion?

Sustainability and eco-fashion is not a new concept, and many nrands know that this is an option but due to the intensive research and development, the time and the money involved they make the conscious decision to ignore their role in global warming, pollution and landfill. The Team at VDM The Label, has made this their mission and objective before even starting the design elements as they wanted to part of the solution and not the problem. The solution is out there it just takes research and development and the invested time and resources to achieve it.

I think the consumers want to make a change and the acceptance in Australia is defiantly growing as consumers are becoming more and more aware of how their choices can impact the rest of the world. I think the major factor that makes people choose to not be sustainable is that they pick the cheaper price. Fast fashion produces cheaper prices but the cost is a lot more than money. It often means poor quality, cheap labor and a huge negative impact long term on the environment.

I think people want to change and be sustainable, it’s just a matter of showing them that there are alternative options.

How do you communicate sustainability?

We have a whole page dedicated to our sustainability project on our website. We are also continually posting on our social media posts and stories on the benefits of sustainable fabrics both for the planet and for the consumer.

Where do you find inspiration for new collections? How do you fuel creativity?

Much of the inspiration comes from both a mix of street trend as well as couture. However, VDM THE LABEL also takes much of their inspiration from the everyday woman, wanting to create styles that empower her to feel confident and feel her best.

VDM The Label prides itself on stocking a large range of swimwear – with many collections that provide sizes, designs and styles to suit every woman.  Shoppers can mix and match items to create their own bespoke swimsuit.

Our VDM girls are very important to us, and are always the main focus when creating new designs and collections.

Who is the person you are addressing to with your brand?

In terms of the fashion side of the label, the brand recognized a weakness and opportunity in the market for not only high-quality products but for ones that are affordable. The head designer along with VDM Team wanted to make sure that woman around the world were looking and feeling their best. They wanted to make swimwear that empowered woman of all body types and sizes to feel confident in their bodies while helping the environment at the same time.

Which would you say are the upcoming trends in swimwear?

Each product life cycle is initiated with extensive research into market and consumer needs, developing trends and fashion forecasting. She applies her years of technical knowledge of the fashion industry and garment manufacturing into work to develop new designs that are unique in every element from fabric, trims and hardware to pattern and garment construction. She takes her inspiration in many ways from her consumers, looking into what is important to them and how she can meet their needs while also reducing the impact on their wallet and the environment.

VDM the label, first collection is modern interpretation of the decades that have helped shape the swimwear industry into what it is today. The new collection is taking inspiration from emerging influences from the late 1980-1990’s. Expect to see bright pops of color, and daring silhouettes.

What is the revolution you are hoping for in the fashion industry?

As said, the solutions are out there, it just takes research and development, time and resources to achieve. Many manufactures and consumers are either unaware of the alternatives or they choose not to due to the perception that sustainability and Eco-Fashion is more expensive.

VDM The Label, are making it their mission to prove that this is not the case and that together we can make a difference.

VDM The Label, would love to have the resources to educate both consumers as well as their manufactures on the alternative options out there, while at the same time also continuing to learn and work with other forward thinkers with similar values.

What’s next for your brand?

VDM The label are currently preparing to showcase their products on the world stage at Miami swim week in July 2018. We are currently working on a new collection while helping to drive their key message helping to make a change and be #sustainablewithVDMtheLabel

Do you have any social or environmental initiative running?

We plan on teaming about with some social media influences to help drive upcoming events in Australia as well as around the world. World ocean day is very important to us and one we would love to help drive as much as we can. We plan on donating 10% of all sales made that week to the organization.

What are the most interesting sources of info on sustainable fashion in Australia?

I think social media is the biggest and most influential source. Bloggers, social influences and big leading companies, play a huge impact on consumers shopping habits and interests.

What are the most important events in Australia for sustainable fashion?

We believe in Australian an important event is Clean up Australia Day. It really helps to bring awareness to Australians of all ages of the importance of looking after our planet. As sustainable fashion has the same mission as helping to improve our plant and oceans. It really helps to drive awareness to consumers.

World Ocean day is coming up next month and We believe this is a great event to bring awareness to helping keep our ocean clean. VDM THE LABEL will defiantly be involved in the event and look forward to helping to promote this event over the next few weeks.

What are the most conscious VIP people or influencers to follow in Australia?

We really Love Social media influencer/Model Elyse Knowles She is a really positive influencer and is constantly helping to use her platform to push for sustainability and helping to clean up our oceans and our planet.

Your favorite piece from the collection?

Our favorite design is the IZZY Bikini. It is made from Vita (using ECONYL® regenerated nylon) it is our most iconic style and represents so many elements of who we are. It has been purchased worldwide from woman of all ages and sizes and we are continually receiving feedback on the high quality, the practicality and how mazing it makes the woman feel.

Where are your products available in the world?

Our products are currently being sold worldwide from our online platform as well as on ASOS marketplace, and a few other store stockists.