Always looking for new partners to join the cause, Healthy Seas is happy to announce the new partnership with Hyundai Motor.


Healthy Seas, established in 2013 by Aquafil S.p.A., ECNC Land & Sea Group and Star Sock, aims to free the oceans of abandoned fishing nets and other debris through education, prevention, and clean-up activities. The recovered nylon is then regenerated into new ECONYL® yarn by Aquafil.

Hyundai’s main role in the partnership is supporting Healthy Seas with funding, so complex clean-up activities can come to fruition. Partnership activities will take place across Europe, starting in Greece. The first scheduled activity is planned to take place in early summer in Greece to help a local community by removing fishing nets and other debris lying on the seabed, floating on the surface, and strewn across the beaches.

As the company leading the way in clean and future mobility solutions, cleaning up and preventing marine pollution aligns with Hyundai’s global strategy. By re-establishing a healthy relationship with nature, Hyundai plans to improve human wellbeing, in line with its vision of “Progress for Humanity” with a particular focus on the seas and oceans.

By collaborating with Healthy Seas, Hyundai will be not only providing a cleaner environment for generations to come but also shaping sustainable futures for the communities it works with.

As a purpose-driven company, Hyundai understands that recycling and sustainability aren’t trends, but rather a need for our society,” says Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe. “Through our progressive, inclusive, and responsible spirit, we are committed to the development of a sustainable society. This is why our strategy tackles environmental problems head on and works with communities to safeguard a sustainable future.

Did you get inspired and want to make the difference with us? You can support the Healthy Seas initiative in many ways, discover how.