Rio Ethical Fashion returns for its second edition, now in digital format.

Giulio Bonazzi takes part in the “New Fibers: Fashion and Clean Ocean” panel, together with  Lara Iwanicki , Marine Scientist, Oceana Brasil and Jordana Guimarãe s, Cofounder, Fashinnovation.

The ticket will give access to the forum for a period of 30 days starting on October 30th, with unprecedented debates on-demand and auto-caption videos.
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Orsola de Castro, founder of the Fashion Revolution movement; Livia Firth, environmental activist and founder of Eco-Age; Patrick Duffy from Global Fashion Exchange; and Simone Cipriani,
spokeswoman for the UN and creator of the Ethical Fashion Initiative are on the team of experts that will lead the talks on the movement of changing the world through fashion.

Rio Ethical Fashion’s mission is to promote ideas on a model of overproduction and exhausted consumption, and the main changes in the fashion sector, placing the planet and people first.
The forum’s platform will have 19 debates, with 30 international and 20 national speakers in unprecedented panels, fashion films, thematic webinars broadcast during the month of November. The purchase of the ticket will give access, through an individual and personalized link, to the whole content of the meetings, offering live captioning in all languages.