A new small Italian brand – EMROCE – just joined our ECONYL® community and we reached out to hear about it from the voice of its designer and founder Emma Churchill.

The slogan for my brand is “Inspiring the world to encourage ethical consumption.”And that is what I aim to do with my collections.

I display them in art galleries so that I can get more information across to people about the environmental damage created by the fashion industry. Alongside this information, I offer my clothing as an alternative and possible solution, and I display my zero waste patterns. People slow down in an art gallery they try to take everything in, and they can still buy the clothing just like in an ordinary shop. In a typical shop, they’re just in and out. If I’m lucky, they’ll read the tag.

Over the years I’ve made different collections all offering diverse solutions to some of these environmental issues caused by the fashion industry. Now I have settled on making swimwear. Because I love swimming, surfing, and wakeboarding. I love functionality and a bikini made for watersports needs to be completely functional. So it pushes me to do my best.

All of my patterns are zero waste because I don’t like throwing plastic into the bin and it saves me money so why isn’t everyone giving it a go? At the moment I make tiny runs of one style but as my orders grow my lay plans can easily be mapped onto a computer leaving a machine to cut everything. This keeps the prices down so that sustainable fashion can compete with fast fashion as it will be more accessible to a broader range of people.
So those are my two rules It has to be functional, and It has to be zero waste. I love to work within tight parameters because it forces me to be more creative and come up with new styles.

I started working on Deco del Mar two years ago. I’m not a fast fashion company, so I don’t see the point in making two or four collections a year. I like to develop this collection, add new pieces to it and take old ones out.
I am currently working on a new collection which will talk about the refugee crisis here in Italy. There will be a print or two, a few exhibitions a whole new line of swimwear.