A new video showing the latest great job done by the LAUE diving team recovering fishing nets in the States. The latest excursion by the LAUE diving team is now available.

The first team dove 46 meters on the Caissons (46m) off the southern California coast. The Caissons are an old breakwater dating back to 1931 that were built off the Santa Monica Pier, but due to the sandy bottom and inadequate foundation, it tumbled down in the surf like a sand castle.
The place has plenty of old nets, as well as some recent ones. Many areas are covered with sea lions bones that are very visible in the video as well as the visit of a nice friend passing by.

The second dive was on the wreck “African Queen“, in 27m. The wreck is near the harbor channel, and close to fishing area so it attract many nets too.

All the nets will be stocked to be sent to the ECONYL® plant and be regenerated into nylon yarn for new products.

Diving and Cleaning the Caissons and the “African Queen” from Cyrille R on Vimeo.