The diving season for Healthy Seas in the North Sea came to an end with the final days of September, but there is still plenty to talk about and even more to come.  In fact, Healthy Seas divers in collaboration with a troupe of German TV ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) filmed the season’s final recovery trip and will  soon broadcast a report on the initiative.

The final trip was dedicated to cleaning the Panago cargo ship wreckage 20 meters below the surface. Approximately 100 kilograms of fish nets were recovered and will be regenerated in the ECONYL® plant in Ljubljana to become yarn for new textile products.

Here is the video reportage by ZDF.

And here below is the film of that day by volunteer diver Marco Garitta.

Healthy Seas mission: North Sea, 27 september 2014 from Ghost Fishing on Vimeo.