WILDBAY SWIM is founded to create a lifestyle were babes can achieve the highest level of self-confidence. WILDBAY SWIM makes high quality swimwear. They focus on being fit and healthy, because that is the best way to feel sexy. They have integrated sustainability with fitness. They provide babes all over the world with fitness workouts and tips via their social media.

One of their highest values is sustainability. They want to make sustainability the future by making affordable luxury, high quality swimwear pieces. Sustainability shouldn’t need to be a barrier because of pricing. The main business is the material. ECONYL® is 100% regenerated nylon fiber from pre and post-consumer waste (nylon scraps / ghost fishing nets and carpet fluff). The yarn has such a good quality and is so soft. It retains its quality for a very long time and it fits to the body perfectly. The owner of WILDBAY SWIM traveled a long way to pick the best fits and fabrics. The people they work with take good care of the people and environment. A part of the revenue will go to an organization that cleans the ocean. Next to that they contribute to the healthcare of the employees at the factory and their families.

‘’Their mission is to better the world via recycling where they make the luxurious swimwear affordable.’’

Their vision is their biggest dream: ‘’A healthy world that lays the foundation for the future’’.

WILDBAY SWIM wants to be a part of the revolution towards a better future and they want to lead the way for other companies to have more sustainable values.