They are Heinz-Jürgen Passler and Jessica Lauren Passler, the founders of the start-up company ‘H1P – Das Original‘. They stand for sustainable sportswear – made in Germany.“H1P” can also be used as an abbreviation for “We Have 1 Planet”. With this slogan they want to express how important it is to fight for our planet earth and that we all have to take measures now to save it.
As hobby runners and enthusiastic tinkerers, they have primarily taken up the problem of attaching starting numbers. Their product is the first competition shirt in the world with an integrated fixing for the starting number. A special and patented processing technique is used here, in which two cords are pulled through the perforated starting number which is fixed only with cord stoppers.
The Result: The starting number is situated centrally and straight on the shirt. The patented technology can be applied to all types of clothing, whereby they can also cover other athletics disciplines such as throwing and jumping, as well as cycling, in addition to the running disciplines.
As they are very concerned about the environment and want to encourage people to use more sustainable and resource-saving materials, they have chosen to use the highly qualitative ECONYL® yarn, which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre from fishnets and other nylon waste from the oceans all over the world.