As its name says, Ocean Addicted is a community of addicts to the sea, to the ocean, to all the life that exists in it… a community of conscious people and believers in a better world, who support change and are part of it.
People that like fashion and be in the trend without risking their home… OUR WORLD.
That’s their fashion, sustainability, exclusivity and passion, a lot of passion to live.
They are a NEW, sustainable and conscious brand of swimwear … They use ECONYL® as a basis of their designs.

In addition, each of their references has a great and magical dose of exclusivity, because the prints used were developed only for the brand … but here it does not end, there are more benefits! … They also use a stamping technology that DOES NOT use WATER or chemicals … that is one more point for our WORLD.
On the other hand, they put all their effort into generating value garments! That do not support fast fashion, they mean each of their SWIMWEAR has more than one use … which is why all their SW have from 2 to 4 ways to use … That is because they are reversible, on the one hand, they have a solid color in trend and on the other an exclusive stamp of the brand.

And of course there is more, … their TAG label is made on paper 100% sugar cane and … their packaging is reusable, that is, there we can keep our bathroom dresses or whatever we want, they do not use plastic bags DISPOSABLE or boxes that go straight to the trash and affect our forests.

Of course, we can be sustainable and at the same time be fashionable.