Nature Hommage’s founders, Anisa Nordén and Jenny Eckerud, share a passion for two things – health and the ocean. Growing up exploring deep oceanic waters, their curiosity for everything marine is boundless. And the feeling of peace and stillness of the ocean brings back nostalgic memories.

Travelling across South East Asia, they saw the direct effects of plastics on marine life. But that was not all, they also had difficulties finding sustainable activewear – one that truly resonated with the materials and style they loved. And so, together, they decided to align their passions and challenge the traditional activewear industry by making sustainability the core concept of the Nature Hommage brand.

The idea of Nature Hommage (also NTE) was born in the spring of 2018 with the mission to offer sustainable and superior quality activewear for the powerful and environmentally conscious woman. They feel a responsibility to give back to the ocean, and Nature Hommage is their way of doing that.

They don’t want to be another fast-fashion brand where items are bought only to soon be thrown away. Because of this, they created the Timeless Collection consisting of minimalistic and timeless designs that never go out of style. Their tailored activewear pieces are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon which is made from regenerated nylon waste, such as fishing nets, retrieved from oceans and landfills worldwide.

Their ultimate desire? Oceans full of fish, not plastic!