MORE BODY was conceived and designed in Australia by a qualified pilates instructor, Melinda O’Rourke who is deeply passionate about moving the body and being kinder to the planet. She created MORE BODY as a pilates, barre and in-studio activewear that supports your every move. The notion of consciousness runs right through the brand; it was through her research and sourcing that she discovered ECONYL® regenerated Nylon and is using this superb material across her activewear.  The brand also uses bamboo in its t-shirts, and a bamboo blend in the jackets. Beyond the product, MORE BODY uses delivery satchels made of corn starch with a binding agent/resin that is fully compostable at home.  Their tissue is unbleached, and their stickers are 100% recycled and compostable using matt coated paper and the glue is non-toxic and food grade.

Melinda’s vision is that more people move more often and workout consciously. Launched July 2019 in Australia the brand is already being shipped around the world and is proudly tested and worn by pilates, barre, and yoga instructors. MORE BODY inspires purposeful practice, mindful movement, and enhanced performance. MORE BODY is for every body.