MOCEAN FITNESS produces performance and activewear from material constructed using ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

MOCEAN FITNESS was born from Alex Platt’s love for fitness and passion to help protect the natural world. It started as a small idea but as Alex started to further understand the issue of plastic pollution on the planet, its impact on marine life and the potential for change through sportswear production, the idea grew into reality. After spending two years researching sustainable materials and their contents, Alex found and partnered with material producers whose values on environmental and sustainable issues were in line with the principles of Mocean Fitness, like Aquafil.

Were here to do things differently,said Alex, the founder. We’re taking the first step towards creating a positive change in an industry we love, by mobilising a community of like minded individuals and organisations committed to protecting the planet, its oceans and resources. The waste used in the materials for our products is already in circulation, littering the earth and oceans, so no crude oil or natural resources are required in the production. This also prevents further waste from entering landfill.” said Alex.