MARTA SCARAMPI is a “made on-demand” women’s wear brand based in Torino, Italy, and New York City.

The brand specializes in creating timeless wardrobe solutions by combining Capes, Blazers & mix-and match sets for daily effortless style. With every garment, you can wrap the elegance of Italy over your shoulders, knowing your handcrafted heirloom comes steeped in time-honored luxury.

The Italian (born and raised) sister-duo founders, Marta and Lucia Scarampi, promote the notion of “slow fashion” — a movement where focus is placed on designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity.

This is the Marta Scarampi approach: garments are crafted when ordered so everything is made on-demand; this reduces waste and excess inventory, allowing the brand to be sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

MARTA SCARAMPI recently launched the first collection inside the Re-Waste Project, the Greta Collection: a conscious choice for a casual lifestyle and a perfect addition to your travel wardrobe.

This is the first Re-Waste Project collection spearheading their mission to become a 100% zero-waste company. The Greta Collection is made on-demand and with an Italian fabric woven with ECONYL® yarn.