From swim shorts to resort accessories, Swiss Independent luxury brand PATER ET FILIUS stands for premium quality beach gear for the traveling male. Best of all, it’s luxury with a conscience.

Caring about the oceans as they do, they are proud to let you know what they are doing to keep all their pieces eco-aware.

Sustainability drives innovation, opening up new directions towards eco-friendly solutions. At PATER et FILIUS they are deeply committed to this production approach and choose to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

The stylish swim shorts are inspired by the iconic 1950s resort style, light-weight, comfortable, fast-drying, long-lasting and UPF 50 sun protective, allowing you to make the most of every moment, whether being at sea raising the sails ashore the Atlantic coastline, enjoying the beauty of an Indian Ocean paradise, or discovering hidden coves along the most secluded Greek island hideaways.

The brand’s unique patterns are inspired by happy holiday memories and the immense variety of marine wildlife.

Designs like ‘Morning Sea Star’, or ‘Blue Urchin’ evoke the hues of the oceans and you will find the brightness of a warm summer day in plain colors like ‘Citrus’ or ‘Chili Pepper’.

The stylish collections are produced in small numbers for direct sale and on demand only for hotel retailers and selected concept stores.