FOR THE DREAMERS is a swimwear brand, created with ethical sustainability at its forefront. Made specifically for those with a passionate understanding about how their clothes are manufactured, For the Dreamers underpins the heart of social conscience. It is a swimwear brand with lofty ambitions; it will embody the edict that the accountability and responsibility of creating a sustainable product exists from inception to delivery.

For the Dreamers’ swimsuits place equal emphasis on its consumer, supply chain and the environment. By sourcing eco-friendly materials across the supply chain such as ECONYL® regenerated nylon, which is waste material from fishing nets, this eco-friendly swimwear help reduce waste and landfill, but it also saves the lives of animals we share the oceans with.

Furthermore, For the Dreamers has established a process to ensure that 5% of each swimwear piece sold gives back to impoverished communities who do not have the necessary access to clean drinking water.

For the Dreamers was founded upon a love of the ocean and the idea that we should all be responsible for its future. It also encourages everyone, regardless of body shape or size, to embrace its cause and feel beautiful doing so. That is why For the Dreamers swimsuits are made to be reversible and/or adjustable and allow women to change how they fit and hopefully how they feel in a positive way. This allows freedom, flexibility and prevents women from ever missing out on a day to share the ocean with others.

For the Dreamers hopes that by encouraging consumers and, in time, other companies to join the journey and take action, they will feel empowered to pursue their dreams. The name of their first collection is called, Turn the Tide. It is currently available in women sizes XS-XXXL and soon girls from 1-2 to 9-10 yrs.

Sustainability is not just a word, but the essence for all that For the Dreamers are, and at the very heart of everything they do. For some, it’s an after-thought, but For the Dreamers, its entire ethos has been structured around making a positive change in the world and giving to those in need of help.

The inception of the brand came from Creative Director, Mia Axalan’s, personal experience with her sister. Mia’s sister became self-conscious after her pregnancy and couldn’t find a stylish well-fitting swimsuit. Astonished that someone would forgo the opportunity to introduce her daughter to her first saltwater experience because she couldn’t find anything to support any flatter her post-baby body, Mia used this unique insight and began work on a swimwear brand that would put the needs of the consumers first. For The Dreamers was then founded; allowing its users to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, regardless of perception or body image.

Through the development of this product line, it became apparent that there was an even bigger opportunity. It was the moral premise that the brand would always strive to be a sustainability leader by constantly evolving their business practices to make a more positive impact towards environmental issues and social justice. For The Dreamers goal is to turn the tide be helping to solve for environmental and body image issues.

The time to turn the tide is now.

Learn more about For the Dreamers swim range below. Available in sizes XS to XXL for women and 1-2 to 9-10 for girls.

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