A British athleisure brand, EVAMOSO, has launched this year offering a range of sustainably sourced designs. With leggings, a vest and a long-sleeved top, the 4-piece collection is created from recycled polyamide (ECONYL®), bamboo or organic cotton. EVAMOSO is an ecologically sustainable company in an athleisure market saturated by ecologically damaging materials.

Thanks to projects like “The Healthy Seas Initiative”, it is possible to avoid the accidental capture of whales and turtles by turning these nets into ECONYL®.

Greenpeace has estimated that 49% of the world’s clothing is made of polyester and that figure is said to double by 2030. With 8 million metric tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year (Ocean Conservancy), materials such as ECONYL® are a crucial step to altering fashion industry practices that are harming the planet more every day.

Jennifer Eva Thiel, Founding Director of EVAMOSO, said: “In creating EVAMOSO I am hoping and pushing for ecologically sustainable fashion brands to become a new norm. Athleisure is a market in which people do not make ecologically sound choices – often heading to a class with their reusable coffee cup, in virgin nylon leggings. EVAMOSO is providing a stylish and comfortable option for people who care about the future of our planet.