Cabuya SurfBikinis is launching its second collection of swimwear – Erizo de Mar – Sea Urchin – that has a unique, elegant and modern printed pattern inspired by the ocean but with a romantic touch. The collection evokes the sensation of clear waters and fresh air and light with a sophisticated touch.

The design of this new collection is a sporty-chic one with some romantic touches.

The four new models are:

–    Leggings for aquatic sports

–    Trendy swimwear

–    Panties with a classic cut

–    Top with romantic flounce

Almost all of the swimsuit is made using the ECONYL® regenerated nylon coming from discarded nylons like fishing nets or old carpets that are recycled into new yarn. The choice of using a more sustainable material is part of Cabuya’s DNA, always looking to find the balance between the development of new models and sustainability.