“We are conscious yogis and Earth is our yoga mat”

At Arctic Flamingo, they don’t just make comfortable, eco-friendly yoga leggings with unique prints that are as soft as the Arctic snow. They challenge you to think about the impact your actions and buying decisions have on the environment. They want you to carry a message of eco-consciousness wherever you go. Wearing Arctic Flamingo leggings is a statement: a way of empowering yourself and others to care about the world.

Inkeri Glova is the founder, designer and creative mind behind Arctic Flamingo. After practising yoga for several years, curiosity and the need for her own unique leggings got her thinking about how to create leggings herself. Many attempts and failures later, the leggings left the sewing table in her living room and made their way into the wide world.

All Arctic Flamingo leggings are cut and tailored in a small atelier in Germany. The fabric is printed in Germany, using an eco-friendly printing process. Fabric is manufactured in Italy, from ECONYL® regenerated yarn mixed with elastane. We care about the whole package – so even our care labels are made of recycled polyester, the hang tags are made from recycled paper, and all shipping material minimized. What is left is made of recycled and recyclable material.