Our planet should be called the Ocean not the Earth.
Open your heart. Merge with the elements. Feel the unity with all the universe. It’s worth living for.
But what if our ocean is in danger?

The story of Frencia Brand started in Bali in 2019. During the family trip with her small son Olga Kolkova, the founder of the brand, realized the scale of the global rubbish disaster. All beaches were filled up with pieces of cellophane and fishing nets brought by the tide. Plastic bottles, corks and other waste floated in the ocean.
Olga saw all the negative changes caused by thoughtless consumption and realized that she wanted to be part of the Solution and not part of the Problem. It was decided to create a new collection of clothes with integrity and respect for the Planet, to work with environmentally friendly materials and responsible suppliers.

Frencia swimsuits are made from recycled ocean litter – for people who are free in spirit and love their planet.
An environmentally responsible factory in Slovenia collaborates with fishing communities around the world. Here the old nets and bottles are waiting for the magical transformation into a perfectly cleaned fiber – ECONYL® yarn.
Ready nylon goes to Italy, where it is made of supplex with excellent properties. Soft, breathable, wear-resistant fabric perfectly tolerates contact with sand, salt, and chlorinated water. It has a sun protection factor SPF 50 and prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria.

It is hard to believe that this ideal fabric is 78% composed of recycled plastic.
Every day the brand proves in practice that eco-friendly things can be fashionable and sexy. Again, and again inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean and the woman. The ability to turn waste into amazing things, make the ocean cleaner, and the world more harmonious.
Beauty will save the ocean! Follow them on Instagram @frencia.ru