Due to the pandemic situation, this year we all have more time to think about our things, our business, what we have done until now, and how we did it.
We also have the time to think more about our future, and where we’d like to be in 2 or even 5 years’ time. And we, at Aquafil, have had our inspiration.

We do believe that ECONYL® nylon is one of the keys that will drive not only brands but we, as final consumers too, to a more circular way of creating products and living our lives.
For this reason, we worked hard to find a way to spread the voice even more and we’ve found our solution.

Our aim is to become a trusted partner of final consumers, a source of transparent suggestions and tips to buy in the most responsible way possible, and of course a reliable digital platform that will gather as many products made with ECONYL® as possible, that are good both for you and for the Planet.

We are still on the way to finalizing our project but still, have a sneak peek at our first drops and shop your sustainable jacket and backpack from www.econyl.com.