Nowadays, an ordinary subway station has become a mini transport hub. We have many different transport options, which vary from buses to trains, from shared bikes to walking.
These alternatives have led to the creation of new terms: P+R (Park & Ride), BMW (Bike-Metro-Walk)…
the natural result of diversification in travelling.
Combinations bring not only economies, convenient commutes, but also, are more friendly to our environment.

This concept became a source of inspiration for Hub collection: a sketch of urban life that unifies and combines different tastes.

Hub has 5 patterns, giving a variety of options to present the city with different eyes. Voxflor can combine them in infinite possibilities in order to satisfy different styles, pomp and mood.
Hub collection is the result of a journey and the beginning of another one.

Hub collection fully uses ECONYL® nylon, 100% regenerated and infinitely regenerable fiber, made from nylon 6 waste materials such as spent carpets, fishing nets, production discards and other waste.

In the ECONYL® process, the story of ECONYL® yarn is a story where waste is not the end, but the beginning.
In Hub collection, start its own new mission.