The Vorwerk flooring EXCLUSIVE, SUPERIOR AND ESSENTIAL LINES are part of the brand range, which consists of “3 product lines. 3 style worlds. Millions of possibilities”.  These product lines vary in their manufacturing process, material quality, and durability, as well as in their selection of designs and colors – for high, higher and the highest standards.
Additionally, three different style worlds are provided:

  1. NATURE Design,
  2. CLASSIC Design,
  3. ART Design.

Each features a combination of their own patterns and textures. In this way, millions of combination options are available – ensuring every individual customer desire is satisfied.

Let’s have a look at each product line.


When you are amazed at just how refined durability can look: it’s the woven EXCLUSIVE 1030 made of recycled ECONYL® fibers, which are especially robust. This shaft carpet, with its highly complex structures, has what it takes to stand out in building spaces: finesse in five different designs, durability and attractive color tones and patterns.

The robust woven loop of EXCLUSIVE 1030 proves that ECONYL® fibers made of recycled materials can put on an impressive appearance. High quality and durability, as well as finely woven, complex structures which create an ingenious diagonal effect in addition to further aesthetics, enable this carpet to add fascinating structures with skill to any room. EXCLUSIVE 1030 is available in five different designs which are created using different weaving techniques. A selection of solid colors, along with designs featuring stripe effects with or against the loop, are included in the portfolio of this carpet.


When the promise of sustainability meets its most beautiful execution – that is SUPERIOR 1013. This carpet from Vorwerk is a robust blended velour whose pile is made of recycled ECONYL® fibers, gained from discarded fishing nets among others. As a result, this carpet is especially robust and suitable for use in many building areas.

The elegant blend of SUPERIOR 1013 lends this carpet structure and class. Its stable fibers provide excellent durability, which makes this carpet ideal for use in buildings with heavily trafficked areas – and even in extremely high-strain areas, such as in offices with desk chairs or on stairs.

The blended carpet SUPERIOR 1014 particularly focuses on a diverse range of designs and colors in a classic style that is more modern than ever, featuring recycled fibers. Thanks to the use of Ocean Plastic ECONYL®, which is made of recycled yarns, this carpet is especially eco-friendly and, at the same time, offers many different patterns and colors.

Inspired by nature, SUPERIOR 1014 counts on sustainability. The upper material features ECONYL®, made 100% of recycled material. The topic of nature also plays a leading role in the selection of color: the designs are based on nature, for example, bark patterns.
At the same time, classic models are also part of the line, such as the commercial three-tone dot pattern in seven different colors, triangles in five colors or digital-inspired structures in two hues.

It’s multi-faceted, multi-colored aesthetics and exciting feel make the tufted, structured loop carpet SUPERIOR 1028 a true highlight of the current Vorwerk range. With integrated matt or shimmering yarns, which earn points for their delicately subtle or striking, large-surface patterns, this carpet is available in five luxurious designs, each of which is a special eye-catcher. A broad spectrum of 35 colors ensures maximum individuality and a diverse range of interior design options in commercial buildings. Thanks to its use of recycled ECONYL® fibers, SUPERIOR 1028 is especially robust, making it ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

The exciting look and feel of SUPERIOR 1028 amaze users with its innovative tip-sheared tufting technique, whereby various pile heights are created. The highest pile is slightly sheared to provide an elegant 3D effect. This guarantees exceptionally brilliant colors and a lively effect. The high–low structure can also be felt: the carpet has a comfortable feel, with a unique texture that invites the user to experience it in a playful way.
A total of five patterns are on offer.


These eco-friendly carpets, made of Ocean Plastic ECONYL®, won from recycled yarns, sets new standards on the market and await users with significantly improved low impact noise and acoustic values. Furthermore, they offer a tailored color palette for every building space. A universal product for all areas, these carpets are also ideal for allergy sufferers.

The smooth, subtly blended 1/10 loop features the standard characteristics of a genuine Vorwerk – such as odor-neutral and dust-binding fibers. Furthermore, these carpets have been awarded Bestnote for low room emissions (VOC) and have been proven to have significantly improved low impact noise and acoustic values.


Vorwerk flooring and its products have stood for a unique mix of superior quality, sustainable innovations, and global award-winning design since 1883. For more than 130 years, millions of satisfied customers have been enjoying products from this traditional German manufacturer in their homes and offices. At the same time, Vorwerk has continually redefined the limits of floor coverings to offer products whose style and quality never go out of fashion even after many years. Product development, production, and quality assurance take place at headquarters in Hameln, Germany, and guarantee that the all-encompassing brand promise of “It’s a Vorwerk!” is kept thanks to perfect performance.

When millions of possibilities make millions of wishes possible.