At this year’s Domotex we launched the ECONYL® StayClean yarn. A special fiber that besides having intrinsic stain-free properties it is also 100% regenerated from Nylon waste material recovered all over the world. So for the first time, stain-free carpets don’t have to come at the expense of the environment.

We spent the last months testing it for the most common stains: coffee, red wine, shoe polish, chocolate ice-cream and of course, the official ISO test with Red Dye #40. The results can be seen on the StayClean brochure and are extensively tested, guaranteeing an easy water-only treatment.

All of this, without forgetting that there is no use of topical treatment and the stain-resistant property is forever. All using a fiber that is 100% regenerated with a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste material which includes: spent carpets (fluff) and fishing nets. The use of regenerated waste instead of fossil raw material allows us to have a reduction of approximately 50% of CO2 equivalent emissions/kg of yarn if compared with regular yarn.

The ECONYL® StayClean fiber is available for home and office. The home version as an ideal solution for high-end residential carpets providing an added soft and luxurious look available in small batches and with customized and exclusive color options.

The ECONYL® StayClean office offers great design flexibility and incredible high performance that guarantee light, water, shampoo and bleach fastness along with minimized soil adhesion.

More information can be found on the ECONYL® StayClean dedicated page or on the brochure. You can also discover the first carpet collection made with this yarn by Balsan and presented at Domotex 2016.