During this past weekend on the external wall of Aquafil’s headquarters in Arco (Trento), Italy, a 40-meter graffiti appeared. It is a creative representation of the production process of Nylon, commissioned by Aquafil to a group of writers from a local cultural organization called Associazione AnDROmeda. This association has the mission to promote all minor arts and help local artist connect and work together. This work is part of a project called “Street Art Keep It Real”, and the new art at Aquafil is the first graffiti inside the project sponsored by a company.

The concept for this work came after the visit by these writers to our production facilities. The graffiti represents the production process of Nylon from polymerization to colored yarn, as well as quality control and carpets made by our clients. Even though Aquafil also produces yarn for apparel, the Arco plant is focused more on carpet yarn, so we decided to represent only this business unit.

The graffiti is about 40 meters long and is positioned on a cycle lane that runs between the plant and a river. Many bikers, runners and walkers stopped by during the weekend to compliment the artists and to admire the work in progress that really added color to an otherwise gray and ordinary wall.

We hope to collaborate again with this association soon to make more beautiful pieces of street art. Meanwhile, look for us to publish a short video about this weekend.