Places of Origin is the newest family of super innovative designs created by Object Carpet, using the highest technology of carpet manufacture and our ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Nature was the source of inspiration for the pattern designs, each available in various hues: fields, canyons, dunes, pack-ice, and forests. Object Carpet draws inspiration from a bird’s eye view of landscape structures that are very lively, yet allow the space to take precedence in their design.

There are eight qualities available – sheeting and SL tiles – and all eight qualities are free of bitumen, latex and PVC. They meet any demand for durable textile floor coverings with a very good eco-balance. With this collection, Object Carpet focuses more than ever on sustainability – not only in the selection of the yarn, but also in the production. The innovative high-tech qualities are created using state-of-the-art, material-saving tufting technology that use renewable energies.

As these carpets bind fine dust, they are also suitable for people with allergies (they are tested by the TÜV for this important property). Together with the positive acoustic properties, these qualities contribute to a healthy indoor climate.