, an all-new D2C brand designing ‘life-enriching furniture’ to improve the well—being of both people and our planet, has partnered with Aquafil to launch a revolutionary everyday chair line for Spring 2020, called the noho move™ chair, made from upcycled waste plastic.

noho tapped into ECONYL® nylon for its sustainable and regenerative qualities to reimagine conventional furniture design. The noho move™ chair was created to transform the traditional static nature of home furniture by integrating the dynamic ergonomic comfort of a premium office chair and sustainable design, to create a chair that flexes and flows with any body and can last a lifetime.

noho found meaningful alignment with Aquafil as both companies are on a mission to produce products that reduce harm to our planet through thoughtful design and the implementation of sustainable materials.

noho is the first furniture brand in the world to use ECONYL® regenerated nylon in a chair. noho move™ chair, launched online at on April 21.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, but born and made in Aotearoa New Zealand, noho is a company with deep roots in, and a deep respect for, the natural beauty and cultural values of its New Zealand home. noho manufactures all of their furniture in New Zealand to ensure sustainability and transparency throughout their supply chain while powering production with more than 80 percent renewable energy.

With the help of ECONYL® nylon, we’ve built noho move™, the most transformational chair in the history of residential furniture” said Richard Shirtcliffe, Co-CEO at noho. “In New Zealand’s indigenous Te Reo Maori, noho means ‘to sit, stay, dwell, live’, and we’re on a mission to transform the well-being of both people and planet through dynamically comfortable furniture manufactured from up-cycled waste and sustainable materials.

We love seeing the ECONYL® nylon being used in innovative ways, especially now being sourced by an inventive company like noho, the first furniture brand in the world to see waste plastic as a long-term furniture solution. Between the sleek nature and quality performance of the noho move™ chair, we’re thrilled to see such a high design product come to life with our sustainable material,” said Aquafil Chairman Giulio Bonazzi.

noho chair has received honorable mention from the World Changing Ideas Awards 2020, as “items for houses or offices that help us live a more purposeful life, or fundamentally alter outdated business models or supply chains of our current consumer goods”.
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