Desso released its first Sustainability Report where it addressed the collaboration with Aquafil and the ECONYL® brand along with their participation with the Healthy Seas initiative.

The report analyzes the connection between CSR strategy and business goals with focus on Desso’s health and wellbeing vision, commitment to the environment and efforts in the transition to circular economy with its Cradle to Cradle program.

The report discusses the use of ECONYL® yarn in the Material Health and Management section where their efforts to use recycled materials is fully explained.

“We work closely with our supplier Aquafil using its ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon for the yarn. In recent years, they developed proprietary technology at their new regeneration plant in Slovenia to turn recovered post-consumer polyamide 6 carpet fibres into new polyamide 6 again and again. As their processes improved they went from using 70% recycled content in in this product to 100%. The amount of ECONYL® material used in our products has gone up from 771 tonnes in 2010 to just under 2,115 tonnes in 2013.”

To explain better their participation in the Healthy Seas initiative, Desso created a very clear infographic depicting a circular process that connects the recovery of fish nets, carpet recovery efforts and the creation of new carpets from regenerated ECONYL® yarn.