Shoppers today are looking for ethical seals of approval on what they wear, prompting brands and retailers to promote sustainability on their labels. Here are three things you should know before making a purchase.


  1. “Join Life” from Zara

The fashion conglomerate is taking strides to make responsible and sustainable apparel. Zara’s eco conscious Join Life collection focuses on five sustainability pillars related to products, suppliers, stores, circularity and community support. By 2022, the company aims to have 50% of its offerings as part of the eco collection, and 100% renewable energy in its proprietary operations. However, there is still much work to be done to foster ethical and responsible practices. Thus, it is important to carefully consider our purchases, always opting for fewer and longer-lasting items.

  1. “Responsible edit” from ASOS

Although not a label, responsible edit is a filter option on the ASOS website, allowing users to shop sustainably made items. The filter features environmentally friendly brands made from recycled goods, sustainable fibers and less-polluting fabrics. The initiative provides customers an opportunity to shop more eco-conscious options through a seamless online experience. Although a step in the right direction, websites can do more to provide transparency behind the environmental claims of the featured brands and products.

  1. The gold standard

When in doubt, search for labels that are backed by approved standards and certifications. Tags that help protect the earth’s resources include the Global Organic Textile Standard (evaluates the entire textile supply chain) and Bluesign (reviews the raw materials, dyes and chemicals using a strict criterion). To learn more about sustainability and fashion, browse our latest article on Eco Fashion: A Beginner’s Guide to Feeling Good about What You Wear.


Author: Naomy Gmyrek