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Swimsuit Posidonia Coral

An irresistible classic and versatile. Posidonia is not just a simple beach or pool swimsuit. Thanks to its comfortable fit and design, it hugs your silhouette so you can unleash your imagination and personalize your style, combine it with your favorite outfits for any summer day or night.

It has a beautiful V-neckline, and a front opening providing a fresh and sensual look. The silky-soft swimsuit is made of the same fabric on the outside and inside, offering a fine finish and maximum stay - put performance and durability for any occasion.

The back has a half opening with delicately fringed, fine straps that intertwine forming a bow with a lovely tasseled finish.

Ethical Labor Female Empowerment Healthy Seas Member Local Production Size Inclusive

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OSIRISEA is born from the combination of two elements: earth and water. Osiris is a god from Egyptian mythology representing the fertility of the earth, renewal, and nature, and Sea means water. It is part of the essence of the brand since they are lovers of the sea and they promote its conservation. For this reason, they only use Earth-friendly materials in their swimwear and activewear collections, sourced from organic agriculture and recycled materials, such as ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

Ethical Labor

Fair and decent working conditions, covering areas including health and safety, equality and anti-discrimination, unionisation, and employee wellbeing.

Female Empowerment

Ensuring females have the capacity and opportunities necessary to fully participate in society, through equal opportunities, autonomous choices, having their voices heard.

Healthy Seas Member

A Company committed to preserving the marine environment and supporting the Healthy Seas Foundation by raising awareness about preserving our seas, preventing fishing net waste, collecting damaging marine plastics, and ensuring they are transformed into a valuable resource.

Local Production

When a commodity is produced in a short, localised supply chain, stimulating the local economy, generating job opportunities, and reducing international transportation emissions.

Size Inclusive

Sizing that is representative of a wider range of body types, including shape, height, and size, as well as ensuring a range of body types is represented in marketing.

  • Washing machine 40°
  • Do not bleach
  • Iron low heat
  • Do not tumble dry.

'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.'