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Garnet Tank

The Crop Tank has a flattering midriff cut that compliments all shapes and frames. The cut of the top gives you support where you need it on the upper body and fits above the navel area. The flattering racerback cut allows for a rigorous workout with the dreaded wet patches. The top has a light lining in the front and lower back section for reinforcement. Lined. Printed care instructions, to avoid uncomfortable labels.

Eco Design Ethical Labor Female Empowerment Responsible Packaging Size Inclusive

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Designed in France, Designer & LES BOHÈMES founder Rina Henry was inspired to create a wardrobe for her retreat clients. So NDYGO was born to offer a collection, influenced by the tropical scenery of the retreats, for the socially conscious, modern woman, that would fit into her lifestyle activities. She particularly wanted to work with sustainable fabrics that had qualities of breathability, moisture absorption and UV protection due to the hot climates of the current retreat locations in Saint Lucia and Zanzibar.

Eco Design

Designing a material or product whilst considering environmental sustainability. A product’s environmental impact can be reduced through material and production process selection, typically relating to resource consumption or pollution.

Ethical Labor

Fair and decent working conditions, covering areas including health and safety, equality and anti-discrimination, unionisation, and employee wellbeing.

Female Empowerment

Ensuring females have the capacity and opportunities necessary to fully participate in society, through equal opportunities, autonomous choices, having their voices heard.

Responsible Packaging

Packaging intended for consumers and businesses that has been designed with sustainability in mind and has a lower environmental impact than traditional forms of packaging, such as single-use plastic.

Size Inclusive

Sizing that is representative of a wider range of body types, including shape, height, and size, as well as ensuring a range of body types is represented in marketing.

'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.'