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Cape Concept

Fluido Green Fig

Padded vest, automatic button closure on the sides. Great to wear alone or under jackets.

Eco Design Female Empowerment Local Production Made in Italy Vegan

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CÀPE is an ethical and eco-sustainable tailoring project that combines a passion for design with an awareness of the environment. In the production of the garments, they only use organic and regenerated fibers, like ECONYL® yarn, avoiding the introduction of new materials in the industrial chain and relying on entirely organic crops. Awareness of the environment is accompanied by an ethical approach thanks to the collaboration with laboratories of social cooperatives.

Eco Design

Designing a material or product whilst considering environmental sustainability. A product’s environmental impact can be reduced through material and production process selection, typically relating to resource consumption or pollution.

Female Empowerment

Ensuring females have the capacity and opportunities necessary to fully participate in society, through equal opportunities, autonomous choices, having their voices heard.

Local Production

When a commodity is produced in a short, localised supply chain, stimulating the local economy, generating job opportunities, and reducing international transportation emissions.

Made in Italy

A prestigious label that indicates a product has been designed and produced in Italy, showcasing heritage craftsmanship, high quality, and timeless elegance.


When a product is vegan, it does not contain any animal-based materials.

'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.'