Aurora Skirt (Rainbow Baby Collection) Bikini Mermazing color Pale Blue made with ECONYLu00ae regenerated nylon outfit Aurora Skirt (Rainbow Baby Collection) Bikini Mermazing color Pale Blue made with ECONYLu00ae regenerated nylon


Aurora Skirt (Rainbow Baby Collection)

Skirt with adjustable laces at the waist and ruffles. Fuoriacqua made to coordinate with the "AURORA" girl's swimsuit. Made with honeycomb fabric with an ecological soul which, thanks to its silky and soft feel, makes it ideal for a comfortable and at the same time glamorous garment thanks to the bright colours.

Craftmanship Ethical Labor Local Production Made in Italy Responsible Packaging

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MERMAZING is born from two cousins united by a passion for fashion and the sea. Purity in shapes, lines, and as an idea of precious and timeless essentiality is their guiding thread. All facing a sensual woman, vibrant and attentive to the needs of tomorrow. Their commitment is to maintain a high attention to developments in the sustainable textile industry using the most advanced and eco-friendly methods. Mermazing swimsuits are all Made in Italy through technological innovation and socially and environmentally positive business practices.


The level of traditional and typically manual skill involved in a product or material.

Ethical Labor

Fair and decent working conditions, covering areas including health and safety, equality and anti-discrimination, unionisation, and employee wellbeing.

Local Production

When a commodity is produced in a short, localised supply chain, stimulating the local economy, generating job opportunities, and reducing international transportation emissions.

Made in Italy

A prestigious label that indicates a product has been designed and produced in Italy, showcasing heritage craftsmanship, high quality, and timeless elegance.

Responsible Packaging

Packaging intended for consumers and businesses that has been designed with sustainability in mind and has a lower environmental impact than traditional forms of packaging, such as single-use plastic.

Made in Green by OEKO-TEX®

A traceable product label for a variety of textiles and leather products (e.g. garments, finished and semi-finished leathers) including non-textile/-leather components (e.g. accessories). The MADE IN GREEN label verifies that an article has been tested for harmful substances. It also guarantees that the textile or leather product has been manufactured using sustainable processes under socially responsible working conditions. Reference:

  • Hand wash at 40°C max
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Warm iron 110° max
  • Dry clean with perchloroethylen
  • Do not use chlorine bleach

'Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.'