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Martina Columbite

Martina is an environmentally friendly carpet, created using ECONYL® nylon and shaped to weave a custom rug with a texture that combines cut and loop, so characteristic of traditional Wilton looms. Thanks to the technology implemented in making the yarn, Martina has unrivaled softness, with a watery effect reminiscent of silk or Tencel, but with far superior performance, both in durability and ease of cleaning. 

Craftmanship Eco Design Ethical Labor Local Production

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Rols is a Spanish brand specialized in the design and manufacture of sustainable bespoke carpets and rugs from recycled materials and wool. The company has a long family tradition with over 100 years of history and runs the entire production chain in-house from its factory in Crevillent, Spain. Tradition meets innovation in this company whose values are based on technique, sustainability, and "Made in Spain". Its commitment to sustainability has given rise to its collections of rugs and carpets.


The level of traditional and typically manual skill involved in a product or material.

Eco Design

Designing a material or product whilst considering environmental sustainability. A product’s environmental impact can be reduced through material and production process selection, typically relating to resource consumption or pollution.

Ethical Labor

Fair and decent working conditions, covering areas including health and safety, equality and anti-discrimination, unionisation, and employee wellbeing.

Local Production

When a commodity is produced in a short, localised supply chain, stimulating the local economy, generating job opportunities, and reducing international transportation emissions.

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