27 Oct 2016

SPORT DIVER – Eco-Friendly Swimwear Helps Curb Threat of Ghost Fishing Nets

BY MELISSA GASKILL Abandoned fishing nets pose a major threat to marine life, but clothing manufacturers worldwide are working to turn the deadly trash into wearable treasures An abandoned net drifts through the ocean just beneath the surface — silent, unseen and deadly, like a ghost. Snagged in its fibers are dozens of creatures, fish that […]

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23 Oct 2016

GUARDIAN – Flotsam and fashion: recycler of ‘ghost’ fishing nets makes marine litter trendy

Last year a company set up by an Italian former scuba recycled more than 5,000 tons of discarded nets into nylon for apparel brands including Speedo By Edward Helmore   the oceans are choked with discarded fishing nets, or ghost nets, that are estimated to kill 300,000 whales, dolphins and seals each year. It’s a grotesque […]

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13 Oct 2016

ARCHITECTURE NOW – From fishing nets to carpets

By Federico Monsalve Federico Monsalve: I’d imagine it’s quite a difficult undertaking to source these post-consumer waste materials? Fabrizio Calenti (FC): Raw material procurement is still the most complicated and, in a way, the most interesting process. Nylon is a high-performing fibre; for this reason it is also expensive. Therefore, it’s not used in packaging. There is no […]

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07 Oct 2016

RIBAJ – The new Economix Collection

Danfloor’s specialist carpet range is ideal for the healthcare and commercial sectors due to its heavy wear classification and anti-bacterial coating. It’s environmentally conscious too   Supportive and welcoming environments can have a positive effect on residents and those that visit care homes, clinics and hospitals. By installing carpets within areas such as bedroom, corridors, […]

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29 Sep 2016

RECYCLING TODAY – Plasticity event draws recyclers and designers

September 2016 London event included look at plastic packaging designed to be recyclable. September 29, 2016 RTGE Staff The September 2016 Plasticity Forum was held Sept. 21 in London as part of the London Design Festival. Event organizer Doug Woodring says the venue was chosen “to help bring the design community into the big discussion on the […]

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20 Sep 2016

MAGNIFECO – Material Matter: Clean, Regenerated Nylon

By Brittany Dibenedetto Nylon is loved for its soft feels, light weight manner and stretch. Unfortunatelly it is known as one of the most polluting textiles of the world with the relaese of hazardous chemicals during manufacturing and its inability to biodegrade. Meet ECONYL®, a clean, regenerated nylon that recycles some of the 640,000 tonnes […]

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19 Sep 2016

INNOVATION IN TEXTILES – Interview with Giulio Bonazzi, President of Aquafil

Aquafil is a leading carpet and textile manufacturing industry specialist that has been involved in the production of Nylon 6 for more than 40 years. In 2011 it launched the ECONYL Regeneration System, which gives waste a second life by regenerating it for use in carpets and clothing. At the helm is president Giulio Bonazzi, who is passionate […]

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19 Sep 2016

INNOVATION IN TEXTILES – Aquafil and Outerknow join forces to promote sustainability through art

Aquafil, a leading carpet and textile manufacturing industry specialist, and an Outerknown sustainable menswear brand, have announced their collaboration to promote an exhibition of photographs by artist Anne de Carbuccia titled One • One Planet One Future in an effort to draw attention to how human activities are affecting the environment today. Hosted by The Shrine Foundation […]

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04 Aug 2016

NEWSHUB – NZ company turns fishing nets into carpets

The fishing and carpet industries may seem worlds apart, but one is feeding the other. A New Zealand company is the first in Australasia to use nylon sourced from old fishing nets to make its carpet. The Italian product has a much lower carbon footprint than virgin nylon, and is helping save marine life. New […]

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02 Aug 2016

GUARDIAN SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS – Wooden surfboards to mushroom handplanes: the surf companies tackling ocean waste – gallery

by Tess Riley Ocean waste is a serious problem for companies emotionally and physically connected to the sea, said the founder of outdoor clothing company Finisterre in a recent Guardian debate, but that connection also gives them a strong incentive to find solutions. Here we profile some of the companies doing just that (…) Ghost fishing […]

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01 Aug 2016

CORE77 – The Econyl Regeneration System: Cleaning Up Other Industries’ Lack of Product Lifecycle Management Planning

It might not occur to you that a deep-sea fishing trawler can simply dump their old, worn-out fishnets over the side. After all, no one is watching them out there. And as those nets sink, they can continue to trap ocean life and stay on the ocean floor for centuries, needlessly ensnaring even more fish. […]

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26 Jul 2016

AMNA.GR – ‘Healthy Seas Fashion Project’ at CretAquarium in Crete until September

A very different sort of fashion show, featuring clothes made with fabric from ‘ghost’ fishing nets reclaimed from the sea, will be on show until September this year at the CRETAquarium in Crete, one of the biggest and most modern aquariums in Europe. This is the second stop for the “Healthy Seas Fashion Project” organised […]

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