VOGUE – The Sisters Behind Norba Are Making the Case for Europeans—And Everyone Else—To Wear Gym Clothes All Day

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By Brooke Bobb

In Ukraine and Russia, according to Olha Norba, it’s common to see fresh-off-the runway looks from Gucci or Dior in the gym locker room. In these countries, as well as throughout Europe, the idea of staying in workout clothes post-exercise is still widely considered a fashion faux pas. Norba, who is a model with a degree in fashion brand management, and her sister Helen, a lawyer, are aiming to change that notion with a collection of pretty, earth-toned fitness attire meant for low-impact, non-cardio workouts like pilates and yoga.


The collection is currently available on the Norba website. This week, they’re launching a second collection made entirely from Econyl, a regenerated nylon. It performs the same as virgin nylon but is made from different types of waste including fishing nets and scraps from carpet mills.


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