By Clare Press

Eco chic! With her Green Carpet Fashion Awards, which closed Milan Fashion Week for the second time last night, eco pioneer Livia Firth brought together some of international fashion’s most elegant dressers at La Scala. While the official dress code was black tie, the #GreenCarpetChallenge was made clear on the carpet.

Organic silk was an obvious choice. GOTS, well-known for its organic cotton certification, also certifies silk so that designers can be assured of the fibre’s chemical-free supply chain.


Below it, the entire Piazza from the opera house steps, around the statue of Leonardo da Vinci all the way to the City Government Office, was laid with a magical green carpet decorated with a hummingbird design, and woven from recycled plastic waste by Econyl. That company is famed for dragging abandoned nylon fishing nets out of the ocean and turning them into swimwear fabric.


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