By Julia Zaltzman

Cotton, feathers and hemp are used instead of leathers and woods, while non-reusable eggshells mimic coral and pearl on walls and tables.

Whatever the term “luxury” means to you, it’s not usually associated with plastic bottles, fishing nets and wood chips. But that’s exactly what yacht design studios are citing as sustainable alternatives to indulgent and often rare onboard materials. From banana-leaf leathers to tactile wall finishes from mushrooms, yacht designers are reimagining otherworldly interiors with a lighter footprint.

British studio Winch Design has committed time and resources to ensuring that sustainable design is laced into the DNA of every project, from carpets and metals to special finishes, and trims. It has assembled a library of sustainable materials. Natural textiles like organic cotton, hemp, flax and jute are paired with more innovative materials, such as Econyl, made from ocean waste.


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