Horologii breitling econyl
26 Sep 2019

HOROLOGII – New Breitling Avenger watches, Superocean Outerknown, Outerknown Nato and Aviator 8 Mosquito Released.

We already know that Breitling never does anything in halves, having become renowned for their exceptional chronometer certified in-house manufacture movements and breathtaking aviation inspired designs. Their resolution for perfection and prowess was further cemented again yesterday when they announced the release of not one but three breathtaking collections of new Breitling watches. These stunning […]

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29 Sep 2019

DL MAGAZINE – Breitling Superocean Automatic 44 Outerknown with ECONYL Yarn Nato Strap

By Radhika Seth The oceans are abundant! Abundant with animal life, plant life and the garbage that we humans are pouring into its waters. The sad truth is that we are choking our sea creatures with the rubbish that we leave behind. In an attempt to do something about this, we have Breitling partnering with […]

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26 Sep 2019

THE RUGGIST – Handknotted Nylon? | Part Two

by Michael Christie, The Ruggist What happens when the intrinsic appeal of handknotted carpets intersects with the technology of today? Humanity does not, and likely will not ever know precisely when weaving and knotting of handknotted carpets first started. Certainly Persia played a role, as have other regions of the world, including of course Tibet. […]

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Green carpet Fashion Awards 2019
27 Sep 2019

WWD – Sustainable Econyl Fibers Comprised ‘Green Carpet’ at Fashion Awards

by Tracey Greenstein Aquafil Group provided a 2,000-square-meter “green carpet” for the third annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan. Think of it as a different kind of magic carpet. Italian synthetic fibers and polymer firm Aquafil Group provided a 2,000-square-meter “green carpet” for the third annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan, made of […]

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11 Sep 2019

ENVIROMENTAL LEADER – Fashion Seeks Sustainability Certification to Differentiate from Competitors

By Jennifer Hermes Fashion brands are increasingly turning to sustainability certifications to prove to their customers that they are truly environmentally responsible. Validation, from independent organizations, that a brand has met established environmental standards can tip the balance in a brand’s favor. (…) Australian swimwear company Zoggs is another seeking a competitive advantage while chasing […]

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18 Sep 2019

INTERIORS AND SOURCES – How ECONYL Nylon Reduces Carpet Impact and Waste

By Valerie Dennis Craven Looking to create a more positive impact and footprint on the world, Aquafil CEO and chairman Giulio Bonazzi wanted to transform the company his parents founded in 1956 into a circular business model. His team studied how to create a sustainable ingredient with a smaller environmental impact, and in 2011, following […]

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12 Sep 2019

Aquafil’s regenerated nylon material – ECONYL® contributes to LEED v4 credits

ECONYL® Offers Architects and Designers High Performing, Customizable and Sustainable Materials ATLANTA, September 12, 2019 — Aquafil, a leading company in the circular economy, announced that ECONYL® regenerated nylon contributes to LEED v4 points in four main categories. LEED v4 is the most current version of the LEED green building rating system established by the […]

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02 Aug 2019

ECOTEXTILES – Burberry introduces Econyl nylon collection

By Kieran Mitchell LONDON – British fashion brand Burberry has announced the launch of a collection made with Econyl; a ‘sustainable’ nylon yarn made from regenerated fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. This marks the latest brand to incorporate the increasingly popular Econyl into its range, joining counterparts such as Levi’s, Prada and Tchibo. […]

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Burberry capsule collection in ECONYL® yarn
08 Aug 2019

POPSUGAR – Burberry Launches a Sustainable Capsule Collection Made From Recycled Plastic and Scrap Fabric

By Kara Kia Burberry has launched a new capsule collection for women and men made with Econyl, which is a sustainable nylon yarn derived from recycled fishing nets, industrial plastic, and fabric scraps. (…) The company is tackling fashion’s pollution problem head-on by collecting post-consumer materials from our oceans and landfills, then regenerating this waste […]

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Green carpet Fashion Awards 2018
14 Aug 2019

ECO AGE – How Aquafil Became the Green Carpet Provider of Choice

If you thought this year’s Disney remake of Aladdin boasted the most magic carpet you’d see this year – think again. We take a look at how Aquafil has transformed ocean and carpet waste into the glamorous event entrance of choice. Italian manufacturer Aquafil has proven that green really is the new red after creating […]

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16 Aug 2019

THE RUGGIST – Handknotted Nylon? | Part One

by Michael Christie, The Ruggist A collaborative project exploring the novel use of regenerated ECONYL® brand nylon in a handknotted carpet. There are many words across the spectrum of languages which are used to describe serendipity, chance, fate, karma. So often in examining the past successes of others, it seems as though these confluences of […]

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19 Aug 2019

VOGUE – How Econyl became fashion’s favourite eco-friendly material

by Rachel Cernansky The fabric is prized by brands from Gucci to Prada for its physical resemblance to traditional nylon and the transparency of its production process. Key takeaways: – Both designers and suppliers have embraced Econyl, a fabric that resembles traditional nylon both in quality and physical likeness. – Since Econyl can be broken […]

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