REFINERY 29 – Keep These Sustainable Brands In Mind When Shopping On Earth Day (& Every Day After)

By Emily Ruane While preparing to write about the mutable, ever-evolving and increasingly pressing topic of “sustainability” in time for Earth Day, we had deep thoughts. Here in the Shopping department, our jobs are to find, test, and buy the best stuff so that our readers can make informed purchase decisions and find the things […]

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LIVEKINDLY – This Company is turning ocean pollution into vegan carpeting

by Charlotte Pointing Fancy stepping out of your bed onto the ocean floor? European carpet company Sedna can help to make that happen. Using recycled fishing nets collected from the sea bed, Sedna makes five different carpet ranges: Varuna, Kai, Moana, Mazu, and Yara. Each of the mythology and ocean-inspired ranges is made from Econyl […]

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FORBES – This Company Is Desexualizing Swimwear

By Lucy Sherriff Sick of struggling to find a swimsuit suitable for her weekly swim, Rosie Cook decided to take action into her own hands. In 2016 she founded her own swimwear company, Deakin & Blue, which has a sustainability mission to boot. … “As a result, our swimwear pieces are transformational – in how […]

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24 HOURS – “Sports-resistant” watches

by Anna Rita Romani Manufacturing approach, choice of materials and compliance with strict quality standards represent key requirements in the creation of a sports watch. It is no coincidence that this sector has been, and continues to be, an extraordinary testing ground for the development of technology, which high-end watchmaking continually draws from, even in […]

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VOGUE – Solid & Striped Is Making Sustainable Swimwear Sexy

By Ellie Pithers Recycled fishing nets don’t scream sex appeal – unless they’re all tied up in a Solid & Striped one-piece. The New York-based brand founded in 2012 boasts a fanbase of bold-faced names including Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung and is the model-off-duty’s swimwear line of choice – Cindy Bruna, Gigi Hadid and […]

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THE EVENING STANDARD – The most popular sustainable fashion products to invest in right now

by Megan C. Hills Meghan Markle is ahead of the curve on this one Sustainable fashion is easily the most positive trend to hit the fashion industry. Many are making the shift to a greener wardrobe, including the likes of Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Gemma Chan. According to research conducted by fashion discovery platform Lyst, […]

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HUFFPOST – Sustainable Swimwear Brands You Can Feel Good About All Summer

By Danielle Gonzalez Look for swimsuits that use recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing. You might be trying to ditch fast-fashion brands and fill your closet with more ethical clothing — but have you thought about your swimwear? Creating sustainable swimwear means thinking “green” from start to finish, said Magdalena Berger, founder of Magdakine Designs. Using […]

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