Among the many milestones of sustainability, one of more significant breakthroughs is certainly ECONYL®, the game-changing regenerated nylon that results from repurposing one of the world’s most notorious carbon-discharging castoffs: carpeting.


Aquafil Group Chairman and chief executive officer Giulio Bonazzi with spools of ECONYL® regenerated nylon ready for use by Aquafil’s manufacturing partners


Ten years after spearheading the development and implementation of this process, Aquafil marks the anniversary not by resting on laurels, but fortifying for the future. The most conspicuous buildup: last year’s acquisition of Planet Recycling, which enabled the launch of Aquafil Carpet Recycling, a move that exponentially increases the company’s carpet collection capacity.


Coinciding the ECONYL® nylon anniversary, Metropolis sat down with Franco Rossi, President of Aquafil USA, for a one-on-one review of the company’s accomplishments over the past decade, and the outlook for the years ahead.




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